Integr8 Presents: Cinderella 2022


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Show 1: Friday 3rd June at 2pm
Show 2: Friday 3rd June at 7pm
Show 3: Saturday 4th June at 2pm
Show 4: Saturday 5th June at 7pm


Theatre Royal Winchester
Jewry St. Winchester, SO23 8SB

About the Show

A new, fantastical and bold twist on a beloved fairytale classic. Told from the perspective of a modern day Cinderella, we bear witness to love’s ability to conquer all and that it can come in all shapes and sizes. 

Girl with a mop, ripped clothes, dirty hair, who’d have guessed she’d be one so fair?
Lost in the world, no choice of her own, a Prince come to save her, no longer alone. But strength comes from the most unlikely of places, not only from those blessed with good graces. Witness our Ella as she grows, like a flower in the light, Free’d from her bonds, by her own inner Knight.

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