Integr8 Dance believe that anyone can dance and should have an opportunity to explore this for themselves.

From children to youth, adults to elderly the young at heart are able to learn, create and build on their personal and community dance skills.

Our Values

-Promoting personal development within individuals by catering for each individuals needs
-Creating an affordable environment which is accessible to everyone
-Promoting equality within communities and schools
-Ensuring dance is energising and a universal language which becomes accessible to anyone.
-Observing and encouraging group progress and being aware of the impact on those who are around
-Encourage dance that fosters communities through teamwork and sharing.

Our values are important to the company as a whole and we understand that not everyone has access to dance.

We have three current classes that run at various times throughout the year. Stanmore Academy, Winnall Academy & Stanmore Junior Academy. These academies offer local teenagers regular dance classes to those who wouldnt usually get the opportunity to take classes regularly.

Being part of the academy offers students at least one training session a week, as well as an academy t-shirt and opportunities to perform throughout the year. We have had students from academies progress into competition teams in Integr8 Dance and become teaching assistants.

  • Integr8 has influenced me a lot throughout the years. It has helped me build amazing friendships with all ages and has also helped me find my inner self. Integr8 is also a company that us willing to help you no matter what your goal is and will also make sure you succeed.




  • Dance and Integr8 has given me the opportunity to express myself and my emotions. Even the toughest of days ends up being another day of achievement. Integr8 have been a huge part of my life. The smiles and laughter alongside our hard work shows in all our performances. Dance is now my future and I thank Integr8 for having faith in me and giving me opportunities.