We have taken advice and our classes can still currently run under the extra curricular activity guidelines and organised sport at the moment. We just want to reassure you that we are taking every possible measure we can to make our classes as safe as possible. The most important thing is that all of our classes are socially distanced at 2m along with extra cleaning, sanitising and so much more. All of our guidance is issued by an experienced risk management company, who regularly update us as the situation changes. Each class will receive a tailored email regarding COVID guidelines for that particular class.

If you don’t feel comfortable attending classes at the moment this is not a problem. Please just let us know as we have the option of Zoom classes for all primary school children in dance and drama. To sign up for these just email natalie@integr8dance.com for more information.

What happens if we go into a full lockdown again?

If we can’t run classes then you can choose from the following options:

1. Continue classes on Zoom
2. Put classes on hold and we will put a credit on your account
3. Put classes on hold and receive a refund for any classes not yet taken

If you have any questions please do get in touch, either by phone on 01962 808398 or email natalie@integr8dance.com, you can also follow us on Facebook for any updates.

Here is a flowchart that you can follow if you have any potential COVID symptoms: