Dance Classes

Integr8 Dance offer weekly classes including street dance styles, cheerleading, contemporary, ballet technique, tap, jazz, tumbling and drama. We run classes for all ages from toddlers up to adults as well as the chance to learn a wide variety of dance styles. We offer all students the opportunity to take part in full scale shows in professional theatres allowing them to showcase what they have learnt throughout the year.

For those who wish to take their dance further and perhaps pursue a career in dance, we also have dance crews and companies. We have 9 different street dance crews, 1 Contemporary Company, and 1 Performance Company. They compete at both local, national and international competitions and regularly perform in local events and showcases. For more information please see our Street Dance Crew page.

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Street Dance

We offer a wide range of Street Dance classes in an array of styles including hip hop, breaking, popping, locking and house. We at Integr8 pride ourselves on our authentic yet current grasp on these genres.


Integr8’s contemporary classes cover a variety of styles of contemporary dance such as Cunningham, Graham or Limone technique, Site specific dance (dance based in different locations) and Improvisation. Classes will include a technical warm up helping dancers to understand their body, followed by learning choreography or creative exercises. The choreography taught in these classes will see influence of all styles including street dance and is often danced to popular music to help dancers relate to the music. Dancers such as Lukas McFarlane are a great example of the aims of this class. To combine strong technique with physical expression. This class has the opportunity to work towards a number of projects and performances both on stage and in other locations.


Cheerleading classes cover all aspects of Cheer including tumbling, jumps, stunts and dance. Taught by a trained cheer coach members of this class will learn all the foundations of cheerleading as well as developing them further through creative exercises and learning choreography. Members of this class will work towards a performance at the local theatre each year as well as having the option to attend an extra competition training session and take part in local and national cheerleading competitions.


Integr8 Drama is run by our award winning Drama Specialist who has trained and worked in the industry. Not only will the children learn key skills in drama and performance, they will also gain a great group of friends and confidence in all aspects of life. Directors of the drama and musical theatre classes specialise in confidence building and motivational seminars. You child will leave on a high!


Breaking consists of 4 primary elements which are: rocking, footwork, power moves and freezes. Participants will work hard to get a good grasp on all of these, and work at their own pace closely with our teachers . The nature of breaking means that classes include freestyle, partner work, and independent training and is taught by no other than an original b-boy Spencer Whatmore.

Disability Dance

At Integr8 we believe dance is accessible for everyone. We offer weekly dance classes on a Saturday for those with learning and physical difficulties. Each class includes a variety of street dance styles, props and costumes which make for a fun filled experience each week.


This class focuses on the style of dance seen in the music videos of artists such as Beyonce and Rihanna. As well as focusing on this style of choreography the class will look at what are commonly seen as the more feminine street dance styles such as Waacking and Voguing although the class is not just for girls! As well as these styles it will still touch on other styles such as Locking, House and Hip hop but all with a commercial twist. Each year dancers from this class will have the opportunity to take part in a performance on a professional stage to showcase what they have been learning.


Our technique class is for all abilities, it focuses on ballet and modern techniques with our  classically trained teacher . Even as a dance school that focuses on street dance we are aware of how important a strong ballet technique can be. A great foundation is essential to all dancers adding yet another string to your performance bow. Advance your dance by giving your body a strong foundation in one of the oldest and most respected forms of dance. We will not work towards exams but instead provide a more relaxed environment for dancers who wish to learn this style without the usual pressures that come alongside ballet.


Our weekly tap classes work on the foundation moves of tap; shuffles, time steps and pickups. Working on various rhythm patterns and dancing to all genre’s of music. Making tap current, and cool. This class is perfect for increasing your child’s sensitivity and precision to timing.

Musical Theatre

This class focuses on the dance aspect of Musical Theatre and also touches on both singing and acting. Dance to some of the best musicals to hit the West End and learn foundational Jazz dance technique. Junior and Senior classes available for all theatrical lovers.

Tiny & Minis

We offer a variety of Tiny and Minis classes!

Tiny Ballet (Ages 2-4)
Tiny Street (Ages 2-4)
Mini Street (Ages 4-7)
Mini Cheer (Ages 4-7)
Mini Contemporary (Ages 4-7)

No experience necessary. Come along and have some fun!


We offer Junior and Senior Arco Classes

Gain Acrobatic skills such as somersaults, cartwheels, handstands, counter balancing and more! Acro Mats are used for safe training.

Seniors 5:00-6:15
Juniors 5:45-7:00

No experience necessary. Come along and have some fun!