Caramel Soldier becomes a Patron for Integr8 Dance!

Caramel Soldier has supported Integr8 Dance for over five years, she has been a huge inspiration to our dancers and teachers and we are so excited to be welcoming Caramel in to endorse and support Integr8. 
It is very important to us that the street dance culture and individual styles are being taught and shared in the best way. We do prioritise bringing down the best teachers in the country who share with us the true techniques and foundations of styles. With Caramel on board we can ensure that the hiphop culture is protected and pushed forward in the best way. To put it simply: we will be seeing alot more of Caramel!
This new partnership will not only benefit our classes but also our shows, performances, competitions and even the clothing range! 
Caramel will be back next week for our training academy on Tuesday evening to teach Locking. She will also be down in the New Year to share with us her new venture of H-A-R-T, a new social dance which is inspired by street dance styles. When you see Caramel please do welcome her to Integr8, she is extremely excited to be involved and would like to meet and get to know as many of us as possible!

Caramel Soldier 

Caramel has been marching strong in the professional dance industry for over 15yrs in theatres, music videos, films, concerts, exhibitions and television programmes nationally and internationally.

Her credits include dancing for artists such as Whitney Huston: Black Eyed Peas: Mel B (Spice Girls); performing on TV shows such as TOTP, MTV (Germany), Brit Awards (London), Hit Machine (Paris). Theatre productions included, Hip-Hop dance Theatre Shows: Bounce (Anthony Van Last) Blaze (Anthony Van Last).

Caramel seeks to inspire her audience and fellow dancers through her performance; she has demonstrated her talents and expertise across multiple dance genres and platforms. As demonstrated while artistically developing many up and coming artists in the UK and New York; teaching in studios and schools such as Pineapple Studios (London), BDC (New York), Urdang Academy: Performers College: The Brit Performing Arts and Debbie Allen Dance Academy (Los Angeles).

To enhance her teaching activities and for her love of eclectic Music, this emerging female entrepreneur, created @PieceOfHouse in 2010, a brand of House Dance workshops, dance and fitness classes, entertaining event and festival sessions, with a growing apparel line, to spread the message and build a friendly welcoming community of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to connect through the love and social gatherings of Music and dance. 

Caramels first passion is to use dance to spread the message to build a friendly welcoming community of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to connect through the love of dance and social gatherings of music and dance. 

Her ethos is Lead by example and if she can do it so should you.