Integr8 Dance are not only passionate about bringing dance to students, we believe it is equally as important to share and teach dance to primary and secondary school teachers. We provide teacher training and team building workshops which lets be honest… are so much fun!

Teacher training

In teacher training we cover the most important parts of a dance class.

Warm ups
Dance activities/ games
Basic dances and how to build them from scratch
Performance and confidence skills
Cool downs

Teachers get given plenty of material to feel confident in delivering a simple dance class to their students. We provide music, props……

Team Building

Team building days are extremely important for schools, from Headteachers to Teaching Assistants, the School Office to the Kitchen Staff. We can ensure that everyone will come together equally and learn some of the funkiest moves!
If your school would like just a one off class or would like to put together a performance to entertain your students we can tailor the workshop to meet you demands.